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Silly Worrywort.

Well, I bit the bullet, paid the 366 for a plane ticket and now that the act is done I am suddenly far calmer. Still unsure about being "able" to spend so much, but it had to be done, so done it was.

So I am ok again, for now. I am about to have to make another investment of boxes, bags, labels, etc for my show. And of course quite a few of these supplies will be left over and available for other events and such. So really the cost as a whole is not bad.... it is just the initial payment for all of it that makes me heart do strange acrobatics in my chest.

BUT! There is also the possibility that While I might spend 600 or more just getting to the show I also have the prospect of selling 1000 or more while there. A 400 dollar profit in one night wouldn't bother me too very much.

So! focus on the good in this. And don't let your heart explode when you see the bill for the supplies. *EEP*

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